Upcoming Fixtures

Usual book-in times for our Sunday shooting over the winter period are 0945-1330, please note the following provisional dates but please monitor our Facebook page for any changes:

At High View we continually look to improve and develop on our first couple of very solid years – thanks to all our ‘regulars’ who we really appreciate and the great support and guidance we have had from the Cornwall CPSA and new or travelling Guns are assured of a warm welcome. Here are the planned dates for this year but always monitor Facebook for late changes or call in advance if you think weather may be an issue:-

These are our provisional dates for 2018  guys and gals so please mark up your diaries, all will be 100 bird ESP and to allow our farming and fishing friends to keep their CPSA Classification scores up to date we have included a couple more Registered shoot dates in the winter period. We’ve put in 4 across the summer period and tried to avoid clashes with County and National Shoots as far as possible:-

14-01-18 Sunday
28-01-18 Sunday – CPSA Registered Shoot
11-02-18 Sunday
25-02-18 Sunday
11-03-18 Sunday – CPSA Registered Shoot
25-03-18 Sunday
08-04-18 Sunday – CPSA Reg. shoot and Cornwall County Team Selection Shoot 100 bird ESP

22-04-18 Sunday
06-05-18 Sunday
20-05-18 Sunday – CPSA Registered Shoot
03-06-18 Sunday
17-06-18 Sunday
01-07-18 Sunday – CPSA Registered Shoot
15-07-18 Sunday
29-07-18 Sunday
12-08-18 Sunday – CPSA Registered Shoot
26-08-18 Sunday
02-09-18 Sunday
16-09-18 Sunday
30-09-18 Sunday – CPSA Registered Shoot
14-10-18 Sunday
28-10-18 Sunday
11-11-18 Sunday
25-11-18 Sunday
09-12-18 Sunday
23-12-18 Sunday






High View – Great location, great shoot

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